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WebApps & Software Programming

Programming of individual solutions to help you with the digitization in your company. The fields of application range from simple widgets for data output to complete intranet solutions.

Platform Solutions

Video learning platform with subscription model, multi-vendor shop solution, event portal with ticket sales, industry solution you can offer as SaaS (Software as a Service), to name just a few examples.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D

Together with our partner agency kirchner&kirchner we expand your reality. Product visualization, AR and VR game design and industry 4.0 are just some of the possible applications.

Individual programming

Individual craft

We see each website and each app as an individual work piece. Designed to meet your requirements best.

Due to the fast pace of the IT sector, concepts and techniques often need to be renewed to stay ahead of the competition.

Cheap websites and construction kits have a hard time keeping up here because they have to take obsolete concepts into consideration.

Google now checks every website for its performance and takes these results into account when rank the website in the search results.

Cheap software programming

Efficient & Economical

Good planning and many years of experience are the elements that are needed to implement your project quickly and easily.

Together, we create a concept that takes your business model and its economic factors into account and puts the focus on the projects amortization.

Modern web programming

At the pulse of time

Our enthusiasm for technology and the urge to always work with the latest technologies allows us to design websites and applications that can be used for years and are not outdated after two years.

With the wunderweb Drupal Distribution we developed a tool, allowing us to develop very fast. So you always stay up to date with your individual solution and don't need an expensive relaunch every few years.

Programmer Christoph Niedermoser

Personal. With quality.

Quality instead of quantity, that is our credo and our promise to you!

We limit ourselves to a handful of selected projects per year so that we can implement each one reliably and with the best possible support.

One and the same contact person from the initial meeting to the implementation and further support is the basic prerequisite for us to meet our own quality expectations and to guarantee a high customer satisfaction.

What else is wunderwerk?

Next to me, Christoph Niedermoser, wunderwerk consists of a network of specialists who, like me, enjoy their work and support me in projects.

Besides the development of web solutions we also dealing with many other topics like web hosting, interface programming, data visualization, data storage (NAS/SAN storage), digital signage, AI neural networks, neural style transfer, image and face recognition, seo, search engine optimization, web performance, Internet of things (IoT) and much more.

Technologies and tools we use: node.js, react, php, mysql, rest, json:api, GraphQl, drupal, amazon and google services, cloudflare, freenas, freebsd, zfs, linux,...


You have the idea but whats next?

You have a business idea and want to startUp? But you don't have the technical knowledge or you don't know how to do it? Then you are at the very right place! In addition to have a lot of knowledge in the IT sector, we have already been on board at several start-ups and are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you!

Startup in Tyrol


Looking for work?

We always have a need for capable coders and hackers. Exciting projects and great people await you!

Looking for an office?

The wunderwerkstatt still has plenty of room! If you are also a technical freak, just write!

Up for a chat?

The exchange among like-minded people is especially important in the IT sector. We would be thrilled to hear from you!

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