The MacGyver among programmers.

The MacGyver among programmers.

Tec nerds and software developers from Tyrol and Berlin. Specialists with joy in their work. Full-stack programmers with an eye for the whole.

Geschäftsführer Christoph Niedermoser

Christoph Niedermoser

CEO and Project Manager

  • Project Management
  • Specialization in web development with PHP and Drupal
  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • Node.js, React
  • Amazon- und Google-Services
  • Cloudflare
  • FreeNAS, FreeBSD, ZFS und Linux
Christian Foidl - Software Entwickler

Christian Foidl

Software architect with focus on frontend & UX development.

  • Backend: PHP, NodeJS and Go
  • Frontend: React, NextJS, VueJS, Nuxt
  • Experience with fully decoupled web applications
  • DevOps
  • Experience with Docker and Docker Swarm
  • Software development on Linux
  • Server administration on Linux-based systems
Sven Knittel Software developer

Sven Knittel Dipl.-Ing.

Software architect, application development

  • Apprenticeship as data processing clerk, studies in technical computer science
  • Since 1994 in IT business, since 2000 freelancer
  • Application development Windows/Linux (Cobol, VB.NET, C/C++, Assembler)
  • Web development (Front-/Backend) with PHP (Drupal, XtCommerce)
  • Database programming (MySQL, MsSQL, MS Access, SAP ABAP)
  • Experience with Perl, Python, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, React
Softwareentwickler Andreas Schäfer

Andreas Schäfer BSc

Software architect and backend developer.

  • 2005 Degree in Computer and Information Science
  • has been working as a freelance software developer in Berlin since 2005
  • 2016 first contact to wunderwerk with the first joint project
  • enjoys designing and developing web services and distributed systems
  • Experience with PHP and web application development with Drupal, Magento, Zend Framework, Symfony, and JavaScript (Node.js, Backbone.js, WebGL/three.js)
  • Knowledge of SQL (MySQL) and NoSQL database systems (CouchDB/Redis)
Softwareentwickler David Obwaller

David Obwaller MSc

Software architect, backend & frontend developer.

  • Graduated in computer science in Innsbruck
  • broad technical interest
  • Experience with various common programming languages, including Objective-C, Swift, JavaScript, C, C++, Java, Ruby, Python, Haskell, PHP
  • App development (iOS)
  • Web development with PHP (WordPress, Drupal) und Ruby on Rails
  • Computer graphics with WebGL (three.js, A-Frame) und SDL
  • Software development on UNIX-like systems (GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, macOS)
  • Scripting and Automation
  • Server-Administration (Linux, FreeBSD)
  • Knowledge in network technology and databases
  • Knowledge in software testing

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